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This past week interning for Efficient Enterprises was a huge learning experience for me. With this being a virtual internship, most interns do not get to meet the founders of Intern Profits. Fortunately, I live 15 minutes away from Justin and Dreama and was able to have a meeting at the office with them and a dinner to follow. Not only did I get to learn more about the company and their product, but I was also able to get to know them on a more personal level. It was a great opportunity meeting the both of them.

After meeting with Dreama and Justin, I made a list of the top assignments that I needed to finish. The university database is my number one priority. I made more phone calls to universities and entered all of my finished ones into the database. Mike, also an intern for Efficient Enterprises, was able to train me online all the way from Pennsylvania via Skype. After learning the ropes with the database, I have currently been training another intern who also attends San Diego State.

I have also been working on learning how to write press releases by reading past ones Dreama has written and also researching examples online. Along with practicing press releases, I worked on an EIA. I watched a video training session on social SEO and filled out a check list. These video training sessions are very helpful in that they provide step-by-step directions on how to be successful with the program they are teaching. I am also responsible for managing the Intern Profits Twitter account. I have been raising our follower count and leading them to the Intern Profits website.

Being a part-time nanny, a full-time graduating senior at San Diego State, an intern, and playing two softball games a week has definitely kept me busy. However, I am young and it is the time in my life where I feel like I can accomplish anything and everything.

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