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I just started my part time internship last week work for Justin Lee from It is a pretty good start and I have two partners from the IST. My job is to run the split test to compare a variety of elements on the website and to generate the results and find the best choices to make. For example, we will be testing different landing pages and to figure out the traffic of each one.

We had a good start last week. The first thing we did is to find out which player to use. I did some research on the three most popular players used now, which are JM player, Flowplayer, Tubemogul. I inspected the three from the data analysis side. I was looking for whether they integrate with the Amazon cloud front and what are the functions they have from the different analytics. We are trying to find one that is able to tell how hong people watched the video on the website; how many times people pause the video, etc.

We end up with Tubemogul since it is the most powerful one. It is a good news because I like this one most while looking for information of all three. We will be using three tools to test the website. We will use the visual website optimizer, Google analytics and the Tubemogul.

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