Everything is a Learning Experience…

5 Oct, 2010  |  Written by  |  under internship update


With the upcoming soft-launch approaching for Intern Profits, my phone has been glued to my ear. My main focus is to complete the university database. I was able to research the university websites by night and call them in the morning. Many of my calls were routine and went extremely well. However, some of my phone calls were long and never gave me direct answers no matter how consistent I was. There were also times where I would call about ten universities in one day over and over again, but only got one response. As frustrating as it was not being able get in touch with any of the contacts, I managed to be productive and research more universities and had better luck calling over the next few days.

Everyone is entitled to having good days and bad days. I learned that even with a rough work week, you need to be able to set aside the stress and the frustrations and find another way to get the job done. Nothing comes easy, but that is how you learn.

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