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I just recently started interning with the company Efficient Enterprises Inc. working on their Intern Profits project, and so far it has been a great experience. Early this semester, I gained a strong interest in the subject of user interface design and human computer interaction. Not long after, Justin Lee, founder and CEO of Efficient Enterprises, contacted me with a position performing such work. While it is an unpaid internship, it was too much of a great experience to pass up, especially since it involves exactly the topics that I would like to pursue as a career

Justin is selling an information product, and needs the help of myself of two other interns to perform Google Analytics and Split Testing on the website he is selling his website on in order to boost his sale conversion rates. Our first assignment was to figure out which video player would integrate best with Amazon CloudFront Streaming (the host of Justin’s videos) and a video analytics program that would measure the metrics we were most looking for in order to evaluate the best usage of a video on the website. In the end, we decided on using JW Player as our video program and TubeMogul’s InPlay analytics of the video. This way we can easily measure many different analytics on the video such as average time played, amount of times the video was watched to completion, where the most popular segments of the video were, and when the user stopped watching the video.

Now we are looking into other form of analytics, like Google Analytics, which allows us to track how users navigated the page. We can see how long they stayed on the page, where they clicked, how many users submitted their e-mail addresses, and how many of those users continued on to purchase the product. All of these analytics will help us to make more informed decisions on how to improve the website for when it is prepared to launch for its full-product launch in January. Until then, we will continue analyzing and testing to make the website as successful as we possibly can for profit of the product being sold.

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