Second Week of Interning

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So, it is now approximately the end of my second week of interning with Efficient Enterprises, and so far it has been a very informative internship experience. I’ve been getting to learn how the program Visual Website Optimizer works, and it is an extremely effective tool with some interesting features. My personal favorite being the heatmaps that it creates of a page showing which spots receive the highest concentration of clicks. I am really looking forward to learning more programs and tools like this that will give me a huge head start in this field after college.

As far as the internship moving forward, tomorrow is the first day of the soft launch. We will begin pulling the analytics, and finally start putting the past two weeks of preparing and researching the best programs to use. It will be a nice change to be able to start doing some more hands on work with something more tangible than the more prep work that we have been doing the past couple weeks. As I said before, I am really looking forward to the experience and relevant work that I feel I will be able to come away from with and use in my future career.

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