Soft Launch Week

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The second week of my internship was a very busy one. First, myself and the other interns had to get ourselves familiarized with visual website optimizer, tubemogul, and google analytics in order to be ready for the first day of the soft launch which was yesterday. All of these tools are pretty simple to use and they can be extremely helpful to your websites if used properly. On top of this, we had several GoToMeetings with Justin and we had to figure out which interns would pull the data on which days. This internship is really helping to show me how important time management is.

These next couple of weeks will get increasingly more busy but I am prepared for what the future holds. Justin helped all of us on our first pulling of the data and he explained it very well so that we could do it by ourselves for the rest of the pullings. I have enjoyed this week because we put all of our research into action and it is really cool to see how it all works out. I am very excited to see what week three brings to us!

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