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So the soft launch went on very well we generate very descent amount of traffic. There are over a thousand views of the video and seventy-three recommends on facebook. Start from next week, we will be holding webinars for more people to get helpful information. I am pretty excited about it. There will be several webinars given.

Start from only the mm1 squeeze pages and videos till now we have several different pages and videos to keep track with. I am actually surprised by myself in using so many analytical tools to record the data. It is really not hard to play with the tools and go over them really quick. So we used Visual Website Optimizer, Aweber, Tubemogul, Google Analytics, Burdurl. This is crazy!

This internship is a really good chance to improve myself in better managing my time and explore new things. Struggling with all the exams, homework and interviews. This semester is obviously kind of hard for me. Doing a part time internship is making this even more crazy. But I feel like doing a lot of work. Just follow the steps and do the things. Get them done one by one give my a very nice feeling. In case I forgot to pull data at the right time, I set the alarm clock to remind myself. Also, I try to work in between of my other school works and honestly the works

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