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It is nearly the end to our pre launch of the internprofit program. During the month I gained pretty decent skills in analytics area. Start from not know anything and got lost all the time to knowing everything and just finish the work by steps only takes a month. Recently I just mainly stick with pulling data and really not that busy but have to be careful about the time. Just like I do not want to forget to pull data 2:00pm tomorrow.

I asked myself when I started doing this unpaid internship. Am I going to be responsible and reliable while doing it? Is there any chances I want to say stop during the meanwhile of the internship? What is the motivation for me to do it? The truth is I am actually not thinking about whether I get paid or not while I am working. As long as I am working on something I believe is interesting and give my experience, I can really put my heart in it. But I want to admit that when there are money rewards I just work much more positively.
Last week there was once I did not pull data at the right time. I was supposed to pull data at 2:00pm but I remembered at 5:00pm. I was worried and thinking about whether I will just hide it. Of course I can never be the kind of person to hide the truth and obey my own rule. Learn from it, I now set my alarm for the my turn to pull data which is kind of helpful.
There is not a lot of new things to say right now. But tomorrow is going to be the last day of the soft launch and I will be acquiring data. It would be interesting to see how many final traffic we can get. I guess there will be some new tasks after the soft launch and it will be exciting.

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