Week after the soft launch

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The soft launch period was over and it went pretty well. Right after the soft launch there was a short break before the new tasks came out. I was very busy last week and was not working that much. I had couple of exams and went out of town and still feel pretty tired these two days.

Overall, we generated a lot of data from the soft launch. It looks like people tend to watch the latest video compare with the old ones. Especially when the fourth video came out really no one was watching the first video anyone which totally make sense. About the video, the average watching length was pretty good and they are around five to seven minutes which definitely means that people watch it for a descent time. I bet that when I was collecting the data, I just stop it from automatically playing which probably makes the average went down. The process bar definitely make a difference. Although I do not feel like you can watch a version that is actually with process bar. I feel like with the process bar it is better for people who needs this video because they can then pause it and watch it again when they feel like it. The money magnet squeeze page worked out very well too and generated pretty decent traffic over this time.

According to Joe’s report there are nearly ten thousand people visited the site mainly from U.S. and Canada which is cool. The next step we will be pulling some other data from Analytics and generate a report about the soft launch data. It will be detailed about what was going on.

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