Post-Grad Internship Experience: Week 1

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This is my first week as an intern for Efficient Enterprises, Inc.  I am extremely excited to get started and learn more about the PR world.  So far, I have been given a lot of information to look over and learn.  It seems a bit daunting at times, but I know how valuable and important this information is, so I have been doing my best to prioritize it and get through it as soon as possible.  This internship means a lot to me because I was not able to complete an internship while I was in college.  In the three years since graduation, I have worked a few desk jobs, lost a job, and been on unemployment.  I have not yet begun to build my career, and I am concerned that I need to get started sooner rather than later.  Without the coveted “experience,” I am worth nothing to employers.  However, it seems that no employer is willing to take on an entry-level employee and train them, so getting that “experience” has been next to impossible, and I am stuck in a vicious circle.  Completing an internship has been the only solution I see to this problem.  I have been looking for an internship for a little over a year now, but did not have much luck, since I am not currently enrolled in school.  I am extremely grateful that I was able to get the opportunity to intern with this company.  I am already learning so much; I am just trying to process all of it!

My goals for this internship are to help Efficient Enterprises, Inc. make Intern Profits more successful.  I hope to assist them in building a larger clientele by driving traffic to their website as well as interacting with potential clients and promoting  Intern Profits to them.  I am also hoping to learn the ins and outs of the public relations field, so that I am better prepared for my job search.  I hope to create a lot of content (press releases, blog posts, articles, etc.) that will be able to be used not only to benefit Intern Profits, but also to show future employers what I am capable of.

I know this is not going to be easy, but I am ready.  I will be posting updates throughout my internship, so stay tuned!

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