Communication is Key to Successful Virtual Internships

6 Mar, 2011  |  Written by  |  under internship update


The past two weeks have involved a lot of back and forth communication with Justin and Dreama. We’ve been hard at work writing content and creating a sleek design for the newsletter. This is challenging work, but I’m really enjoying it. I appreciate that I have been given a great amount of freedom to tinker with this project and to make it my own.

Because the nature of my work requires a lot of editing and commentary, I have been working closer than ever with Justin and Dreama. This would normally be a challenge for me (or for any young professional). But as an intern at, there are many tools/practices in place to make this easy. Daily emails are the key to keeping in contact with my mentors. These allow us to communicate very effectively, but when more direct communication is needed, online webinars have been key. Because we can hear AND see what the other is looking at, it as if Justin and I are in the same room, even when a continent lies between us. I’ve learned that the key is to impose a certain structure to your communications and to stress regular contact during all projects. Doing so will ensure that any internship is mutually beneficial. Conversely, failing to communicate will only result in a headache and wasted time.

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