Hire an Intern! Unpaid Internships Save Money on Marketing

11 Mar, 2011  |  Written by  |  under internship update, Small Business, Tips


This week is every college student’s dream- Spring Break has arrived! Unfortunately for me, my Spring Break has been far from wild or exotic; I’ve spent it at home due to several internship interviews in the Philadelphia area.

The interviews seemed to go well. Most employers have been very interested in the work I’ve done with Intern Profits-proving once again that taking an unpaid, virtual internship was well worth my time. It was interesting to me that two of the companies I spoke with are actively searching for people with the digital marketing skills I am learning this semester. One firm I’d love to work for is an international digital-marketing agency with numerous clients on the Fortune 1000. Their expertise lies partly in the skills taught by Justin, Dreama, and a host of expert guests in Intern Profits’ Easy Intern Assignments. In short, this agency’s customers pay BIG bucks to have their online marketing presence developed and maintained. They are paying for services that interns can do free of charge for your small business!

Moral of the story: A digital-marketing presence is essential to any business’ success. Large corporations know this and are willing to pay for it. Smaller businesses don’t have big marketing budgets, but hiring an intern could be the key to mastering the digital marketplace.

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