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Over the past year, I have spent many hours working on my internship for Justin and Dreama Lee. Most recently, I have been managing two of their twitter accounts, InternProfits and SDCashDeals.

For the InternProfits account, I have been strictly building the following and followers of the account. I am working with another intern, Cassie Johnson, who is creating the content for the InternProfits account. For the SDCashDeals account, I am building the followers and following of the account as well as posting content to the account. I have a Google Alert set to San Diego Real Estate so anytime an article with the key words “San Diego Real Estate” shows up on the internet, it gets sent to my email. I pick articles that are interesting and have good knowledge of San Diego Real Estate. Along with just posting articles, I usually ask a question after I post the link asking how they liked the article or what their thoughts on the article were.

I had already known a lot about Twitter prior to this internship, so I figured this was going to be pretty easy to manage. However, I realized that there are a ton of different Twitter tools that you can use to post content, build followings, and automate some twitter functions. Though I have been extremely busy and finals week is just around the corner, I am very fortunate to have been given this internship opportunity because I have learned so much about something I thought was so simple.

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