Farewell From Our Intern Zack Palladino

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Today we say farewell to our IT intern, Zack Palladino.  He was with us for over 3 semesters and did some great things for our companies!

Below are his final words on his internship:

Dear Justin and Dreama,

I would like to first thank you for this wonderful opportunity that you guys have provided me with. I originally came into this internship as a senior just trying complete the course because it was required to graduate, but after almost a year working for you guys it has definitely evolved into something more. You guys opened my eyes to the world of Internet marketing that I didn’t even know existed. I have always been computer savvy, like the rest of my generation, but I assure you no one I know is utilizing search engines as well as you guys are today. In fact, I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of this new SEO process so much that I am highly considering seeking a career that will allow me to utilize everything I have learned in the past year. I am thankful for the amount of training you provided through YouTube secret weapon, Social SEO, as well as the countless number of other webinars you’ve allowed me to follow. I am convinced I am on another level than other entry-level students seeking the same career path.

I also would like to thank you for allowing me the convenience of taking nearly 3 semesters to complete the required hours. I realize that I may have been sluggish at times, but only because of the courses I was taking to graduate, as well as a few personal events that could not have been foreseen. Thank you for understanding.

I would just like to end by saying I wish you guys the best of luck with your company in the future. After seeing the long list of domains you two are currently working on, it is safe to say there is a great chance of everything being very successful.


Zack Palladino

Click Here for Zack’s Official Review of His Internship For Academic Credit

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