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While most interns are dealing with finals and possibly graduation this week, I have been working at my part-time job.  I have also been dealing with a lot of changes and unexpected stress, so perhaps I’ve been just as distracted this week as the other interns.  However, I’m working on reorganizing and getting back on track, because quite honestly, my internship work is what makes me happiest out of any work that I do.

I am actually really excited for my next big project at Intern Profits.  I have recently compiled contact information for bloggers, writers and reporters.  Combined with information acquired from Press King’s database of bloggers and a contact list of bloggers compiled by previous interns, I am going to start researching bloggers and contacting them in order to see if Intern Profits will be able to either provide the blogger with information that they can create a post about, give an informative interview to the blogger so that their readers may benefit from the information, and/or provide a guest blog post.  I really hope that we find some success from this outreach, as this will generate some good publicity for Intern Profits, as well as help us reach out to more people who need the advice/information that Justin and Dreama are able to provide.

I am interested to see how this goes.  It’s a little bit different than contacting reporters, as bloggers have a different style of writing and generally have a very specific following.  I’m sure to get some good experience from this project, and hopefully help Intern Profits reach more small business owners and entrepreneurs!

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