Intern Gets On the Job Lessons: Time Management

18 Aug, 2010  |  Written by  |  under internship update


Our intern Aaron Macon shares some insight on lessons he learned on the job as an intern – time management!

This summer I’ve been learning the very important lesson of time management. I am working this internship with Justin and working part-time at my on campus job, and also trying to have a fairly enjoyable summer. Initially I believed this would be an easy accomplishment, but I’m finding timing is everything. Some days, I wake up early and get some internship work done, then I head to work, then I head home and do some more work for the internship, then off to a friend’s place, and maybe some late night (more like early morning) work before going to sleep. Also, I planned on doing stuff on the weekends but I’m finding that personal time is necessary for relaxation and sanity. Honestly, I’m still not fully settled into a good system; I just ‘wing it’. School doesn’t necessarily teach you how to manage time in the working world. For the most part, I have realized that I must make the most of the time I set aside for work. There aren’t always deadlines, so setting your own can be helpful at times. I’m learning as I go, and that is enough to ask for.

This is my first internship experience and I’m open to everything. I just want to be helpful and learn whatever I can from it.   Some lessons you have to teach yourself.

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