Unpaid Internship: Is it a Detriment to the Company?

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With solid communication and strategy, an unpaid internship program can go a long with a company.  It is far from a hindrance. Hiring interns for an internship program is far from a detriment. In fact, it will save money in the long run.

While internship payment and non-payment remains a controversial topic these days, I think it is important to recognize the overall value the internship will provide to both the company AND the intern.

As an intern seeks to break into their next career, a step in the right direction is a lot harder to accomplish these days with the higher number of applications per job. Some are taking advantage of this fact and hiring more applicants as interns prior to hiring them as full-time employees. Over the course of time, these companies who are being proactive are sticking ahead of the trend. Their internship program will grow and prosper.

On the flip side, the companies going with the flow of things  will suffer without interns or an internship program. They will become more economically unstable.

Now, that does not always happen but studies have shown that more and more companies are hiring interns and the productivity is through the roof.

If your business currently has an internship program, consider how it affects the company AND the interns over time.  It is true that more often than not, small businesses can increase their profits by hiring interns.

It’s not always a bad thing to go against the current trend. Internship programs that do not pay the interns  are not a bad thing. It is a big risk to take on the part of the company and the intern but it is a risk that will be worthwhile in the end. If we didn’t have those risk takers out there like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Where would we be today?

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