How Internships Can Save The Economy

30 Jul, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Small Business, Tips


I recently read an article about how internships could be considered “the new college degree.”

Personally, I’d have to agree 100% … and I know I’m not alone.  America is still experiencing a struggling job market, and it doesn’t help that people who are unemployed and looking for work are now being told that they aren’t wanted.  Personally, that sickens me.  To tell people that they are not eligible to apply for a job just because they are currently unemployed is one of the most backwards things I’ve ever heard.  It’s just another “Catch 22” – like not being able to get a job without experience, but unable to get the experience without a job! (Now you’re telling me I can’t get a job without having a job???)

A college degree means nothing without experience.  I almost want to argue that I did myself a disservice by going to college instead of getting a job right out of high school and THEN going to college via night classes and/or online programs.  Why? Because it seems like those who still haven’t finished their degree are doing much better than me.

This isn’t about just me, though.  It’s about all of the young people out there right now who have no chance at getting a job, since “entry level” positions now require 2-3 years of experience… (wait, what?!?!)

Seriously.  It’s a really ridiculous job market, and some major changes need to happen ASAP.  Unfortunately, I doubt that it will get better overnight.  The secret weapon? Internships.  And no, you’re not too old.  I’m not a student anymore (I graduated with a BA in Communication in 2007), and I’ve also been reading more and more about people in their 50’s doing internships right now – either to learn new skills in order to make a career change, improve upon skills that they need, but don’t have, and/or to fill holes in their employment.

The bottom line is that it’s going to take a long time for the economy to get better – so you  have to take control and take action.  Get out there, look for an internship, and get some experience under your belt!! You’ll be supplementing your education with something that is valued even more than that piece of paper you have framed on the wall… AND you will be able to protect yourself from discrimination against the unemployed.

Happy hunting!

P.S. – try (LOVE it!),,, or simply ask around at local/small businesses – if they need help growing their business (I’m sure they do), but don’t know how to run an internship program, they can always utilize Intern Profits’ Easy Intern Assignments in order to get you trained and get you started!  (they have REALLY helped me!) It’s a win-win!!

P.P.S. – If they’re worried about legality, they should check out the latest position paper from NACE – hopefully it will help.


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