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My name is Ben Carpenter and I am a Finance major going into my senior year at Penn State.  Last spring semester I began my internship with Justin Lee and  Justin is a very successful entrepreneur, and I interned for him and his real estate investment company.  I have wanted to get into real estate investing for awhile now, and I knew that this internship would be an awesome opportunity to get a hands-on approach to the real estate investment profession.

Throughout my internship during the spring semester, I participated in a variety of real estate investing webinars.  I took a lot of notes, which was very crucial to furthering my education as a real estate investor.  Through these webinars, I was able to meet many other  real estate investors who taught me about the techniques that they have used to gain their success.  In addition to the webinars, I consistently did a lot to help with Justin’s business, whether it be posting craigslist ads or making phone calls for him.  As the spring semester came to an end, it was now time for me to take what I had learned, and apply it to my local real estate market.

During the summer, there were many different approaches that I could have taken, such as:  short sales, REOs, rental housing, or wholesaling.  By applying what I had previously learned through this internship, I was actually able to find and close on an amazing deal in my hometown.  The property is a great income-producing rental property.  Justin was there with me every step of the way.  He offered me support and advice whenever I had a question or issue.  If it wasn’t for the guidance that I have received from Justin through this internship, I would have never came close to being able to close on that property.

So far my internship with has been very beneficial to my continuing development as a real estate investor.  I have really gotten a much better understanding and perspective of our real estate market and have learned about the many different techniques that can be used to build a flourishing real estate investing business.  I hope to continue my internship with throughout the rest of my senior year, and hopefully this will lead to my own successful real estate business in the near future.

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