Internships: Best Learning Outside Of The Classroom

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During my internship here at Intern Profits, I have been able to combine my classroom experience with real-world work experience.

The best example of this is the information I learned in my writing classes. In class, I learned the importance of adapting your message to its audience. For example, if you are writing for real estate investors, you would use all the technical terms that accompany that field. On the other hand, if you write that same information for the public, you would use as little technical terms as possible.

This directly applies to my tasks here at Intern Profits.  I help write articles and adapt them for different audiences. The techniques I learned in class for adapting writing truly help me here. These techniques prepared me to write about the same topic in a way that everyone can appreciate.

Equally important, I have used my experience here in the classroom. My teachers often ask for examples from student’s jobs. As I had never worked before this internship, I found myself without a topic to talk about. Now that I intern here, I have many great examples to use in the classroom. A case in point, my class reviewed the effect of video on a business’ marketing strategy. I could connect the videos from Intern Profits that showed the value of people excited about their product.

Before this internship, I did not know how many aspects of business management applied in real life. I only had textbook knowledge. Now that I have had the chance to observe the management style here, I have learned new strategies for managing employees and for getting assignments done.

My experience here at Intern Profits gives me a foundation in real-world business while I learn in the classroom. I can apply the knowledge I have gained here to my classroom assignments and the reverse is also true. I apply my classroom knowledge here. This is why I feel that internships are the best learning you can get outside of the classroom.

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