The Value of Professionalism In An Internship

21 Oct, 2011  |  Written by  |  under internship update, Tips


One of the important things I learned in this internship is the value of professionalism. I always keep in mind that my actions can influence how others see the company. Their first impression of me can be their introduction to Intern Profits.

When I speak to business people, I often explain how rewarding my internship is for me. I tell people the Intern Profits system is helping to boost the economy in two ways. First, businesses gain an eager workforce. Second, the interns are gaining valuable experience to help them get the career they want. I enjoy being involved in something so powerful.

Without professionalism in my words, people will not take what I am saying seriously. This can be a detriment to not only me, but also the company. Therefore, it is important to convey professionalism at all times.

The short video below explains the value of professionalism.


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