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Hello Guys,
I am graduating in the spring! The last thing I had on my plate was to find an internship for my Information Sciences and Technology degree. I understood the process of selecting an internship due to the fact that I was currently doing an internship for my Recreation, Park, Tourism and management degree. My main goal for my IST was to make to try and get a lot of hands on experience. My main reason for this was that I was new to the field and didn`t have any work experience in the IST field. I really needed an opportunity where I could grow to develop my skills. When searching I was in an odd position due to the fact that I was  looking for internship in the spring semester so I was limited in that aspect. I then came across the company InternProfits while on the intern search. The company was interesting due to the fact they were offering a type of internship I hadn`t seen on the job posting site before. Search Engine Optimization. I became interested in this topic and was excited to learn more about the methods used . When I applied for the job I didn`t realize it was a virtual internship at the time and didn`t know you could do this. After understanding the process of a Virtual internship there are so many benefits of this and I couldn`t happier the way my internship is set up.

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