Intern Tim: A Time To Reflect

31 Jan, 2012  |  Written by  |  under internship update


Last week my university said goodbye to its legendary football coach who lost his battle with lung cancer.  Coach Joseph Vincent Paterno was a mentor and leader to many of the students at Penn State not just the football players. It was a time of great sadness here at Penn State. We cried, mourned and grieved together.  My fellow classmates and I shared our memories with each other.  We spoke with pride about Coach Paterno’s influence on each of our lives. We at Penn State are very much aware that Mr. Paterno was more than a football coach. He gave monetary donations that allowed us to have a first rate library, student health center and various scholarships for students unable to afford college tuition.  I was thankful to be able to surround myself with friends during this difficult time. I was able to participate in the memorial events and vigils that honored Coach Paterno. My virtual internship allowed me to share my grief with friends, professors and others within the Penn State community.  I can’t imagine being away from the Penn State campus during this difficult time. As a former professor told me I was living history.  I will cherish and always remember the week that allowed me to honor Coach Paterno’s memory.

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