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The more I work on the project handed to me by Justin and Dreama, the more I learn about SEO optimization. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of keyword research for different terms that relate to the project that I’m working on. Once I figure out what terms are most searched for using the Google Analytics tool, I record my results into an Excel Spreadsheet. I find out which terms are the most relevant and most useful, and then I eventually insert them into the “tags” on that certain page for the website. This way we know what people are searching for, and eventually when they search these terms on Google they may come across our page after a little bit of link building. I am currently searching for WordPress plugins that I can insert into the site.

As a little side project, I am also doing some keyword research for students or other people who are trying to find an internship. This will help out with the intern profits site by finding out what people are searching for when it comes to trying to find an internship. I was one of those people searching for an internship not to long ago.

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