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When I began my virtual internship in January I was not sure what to expected.  I was starting my last semester of college but needed an internship to complete my course requirements. However, there was one major problem.  I couldn’t afford the relocating expenses associated with other internships. I wasn’t sure how a virtual internship would work but I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I liked the idea of not having a rigid work schedule or not taking the subway into an office each morning.  Not bothering to get dressed up in a suit and tie was definitely a bonus for me.  Being able to work anywhere I could take my computer was a plus. The flexibility provided to me thru my virtual internship was a positive experience .It allowed me the chance to gain valuable work experience from my own desk while completing my last semester of college at Penn State. It was a valuable opportunity that allowed me to improve my skills for my future employment.

I enjoyed the freedom my virtual internship provided me. I was able to work on my tasks without the added pressure of a mentor looking directly over my shoulder. I liked having deadlines for my assignments, which helped motivate me to complete my tasks. I was able to communicate effectively with Justin and Dreama via the computer and phone.

I have been grateful for the opportunity to work with my mentors, Justin and Dreama. They have been supportive, encouraging and have created a professional work atmosphere thru the virtual world.  My virtual internship was a valuable work experience and I am thankful for the experienced.  I have been fortunate to grow while also improving my work skills thru Intern Profits.

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