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4 Oct, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Intern Updates


Before this internship, I thought I had a good handle on social media, but after a few short weeks, I am astonished by how much I have learned. Initially with twitter, I went through various modules to learn about how to gain a large following, and the importance of interacting with your followers. From a marketing major stand point, social media makes it extremely easy to select your target market, and attempt to reach them. This seems easy for certain new upcoming markets, but I never thought of deep frying a turkey, as its own niche market. However, as I read more into the subject, I am beginning to grasp how popular deep frying has become, and how much it will grow, in the next couple of years.  Furthermore, I have begun the process of learning how to set up a Facebook page, and how the page can increase your sales, and your following.

I am also excited to finally begin reading about how to deep fry turkey, so I am able to better sell the product.

This internship has really enhanced my social media marketing skills; I am extremely excited to continue with this project, and to learn more along the way.

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