As the popularity of internships shifts into a happening trend of the twenty-first century, it is easy to ask:  What exactly is the role of an internship in today’s society?

In the past, some have held intern positions as a trial before entering a company in order to train in a particular profession and to gain invaluable experience.  With the increase of degree programs requiring internship experience for graduation, it is natural to assume this movement serves a greater purpose.  In fact, internships are growing because of the benefits which extend not only to the intern but the business and overall labor force, as well.

Interning for InternProfits has allowed me to research the predominant issues caused by a dwindling labor force and how unemployment has remained at a critical level throughout America in recent days.  The source of jobs for entry level positions is lacking, and it is becoming difficult for graduates to secure a position fresh out of college.  The experience required cannot be found without an opportunity for practical and professional learning.  Yet, businesses are suffering from economic crisis just the same.

It seems the only solution for both issues is to create a system that solves the pitfalls of unemployment and economic strife by training interns in how to complete real work that is valued by both the intern and the business.  With this mutually beneficial system through InternProfits, I have gained confidence in my own professional skills and have provided my own ideas to help new projects along the way.  Therefore, the role of internships in the professional sphere is a valuable asset to unlocking the windows of opportunity for both interns and businesses alike.

Only two weeks have past since I started interning at InternProfits, and I couldn’t be happier with the type of projects I’m helping to create! I get the pleasure of listening to past intern stories and writing them into case studies. Some of these case studies are the true experiences in the words of former interns from various places who have been nice enough to take an interview.

When I heard a past intern reflecting on the unpaid internship that eventually became the “turning point” in his track to successful entrepreneur, it helped me to realize how important professional experience can be to your future success. It’s not just about having the experience to be hired after finishing college. It’s about expanding your own professional horizons and understanding what type of job or career suits you best. First, an internship can expand your professional horizons by teaching the non-written aspects of your chosen career. Let’s face it, there are many processes in real work that cannot be taught with books. Learning these relative skills before others in your field gives you an edge. No matter if you are being paid or not. Interning also provides a better understanding of which career type suits you best, and choosing your own path is the key to happiness. The skills gained by a internship will translate into practical experience in your chosen career field. It is a long term investment that will lead to professional success. Then, when you are confident you have gained enough experience to get that perfect job, you can love what you do, and get paid, too.

The ‘dream scenario’ may not be in everyone’s mind, but for those that hope to reach a professional goal and lack the experience, an internship is the perfect answer. Getting started is all about gaining respect and credibility through simply being good at what you do, and the opportunities for success can reach you in many forms. Whether you chose to acknowledge an opportunity could be the key to your own career. If you are already talented in a field, then expanding this talent through an internship can only help.

The stories of past interns I’ve been reading and writing for InternProfits have already helped make my own internship an enriching experience.

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