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The past week was a really tough one for me. I had a huge workload with midterms and group projects for school. I also received terrible news about one of my good friends from high school passing away in a tragic motorcycle accident. It did not feel real and I did not want to accept it. I took the eight hour drive back home to be with my family and friends for the funeral.

Because of this unfortunate occurrence, my life had to be put on pause. I was only able to research universities and write one more press release about the Intern Profit’s facebook fan page. Thankfully, Dreama and Justin were understanding and supportive about my situation and loss. This next week I will get back on track and continue with my crazy life that I love and appreciate.

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One of my main tasks working for Efficient Enterprises, Inc. has been to write press releases for the Intern Profits. So far I have written a press release for their free report on illegal internships, the InternProfits.com blog, and the Intern Profit’s membership site. Not only did I learn how to write the press releases, but I also learned how to do search engine optimization on them. SEO is a very important tool that helps articles to be easily found through major search engines.

With graduation slowly approaching in the next month and  a half, my life has been pretty chaotic with school, work, my internship, and sports. I have definitely been learning how to manage my time and prioritize my schedule. Because this internship is virtual it really helps that I get to work on it during my own time, reducing a lot of the stress on my shoulders.

One of my tasks as an intern for Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is to manage its Intern Profits Twitter account. I have been searching for users who are looking to hire virtual assistants. I have started to engage in conversations with them to inform them  how interns can be of better value to their company than virtual assistants. There are three main problems with virtual assistants: language barriers, technology problems, and time zone differences. By sharing this information with these Twitter users, I am leading them back to the Intern Profits website to learn more about interns and what they have to offer.

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This week working for Efficient Enterprises, Inc., I watched training videos on how to write press releases by Marc Harty and how to use search engine optimization by Terry Wygal. I completed two Easy Intern Assignment checklists on both of the videos. These training sessions were extremely helpful in that their lessons can easily be applied by any business owner or even intern. I then applied what I had learned into writing my first press release for the Intern Profit’s latest free report on illegal unpaid internships. Dreama then edited it and gave me helpful feedback.

I also made progress with gathering information and data for the university database. The database is a great tool that will help any small or medium sized business locate and hire interns It’s always exciting to see that all of my hard work is benefitting and adding value to Intern Profits. By utilizing their own interns, Dreama and Justin are showing that they are not just selling a product. All of us interns here at Efficient Enterprises, Inc. are living proof that internship programs can be an advantage for any company.

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With the upcoming soft-launch approaching for Intern Profits, my phone has been glued to my ear. My main focus is to complete the university database. I was able to research the university websites by night and call them in the morning. Many of my calls were routine and went extremely well. However, some of my phone calls were long and never gave me direct answers no matter how consistent I was. There were also times where I would call about ten universities in one day over and over again, but only got one response. As frustrating as it was not being able get in touch with any of the contacts, I managed to be productive and research more universities and had better luck calling over the next few days.

Everyone is entitled to having good days and bad days. I learned that even with a rough work week, you need to be able to set aside the stress and the frustrations and find another way to get the job done. Nothing comes easy, but that is how you learn.

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This past week interning for Efficient Enterprises was a huge learning experience for me. With this being a virtual internship, most interns do not get to meet the founders of Intern Profits. Fortunately, I live 15 minutes away from Justin and Dreama and was able to have a meeting at the office with them and a dinner to follow. Not only did I get to learn more about the company and their product, but I was also able to get to know them on a more personal level. It was a great opportunity meeting the both of them.

After meeting with Dreama and Justin, I made a list of the top assignments that I needed to finish. The university database is my number one priority. I made more phone calls to universities and entered all of my finished ones into the database. Mike, also an intern for Efficient Enterprises, was able to train me online all the way from Pennsylvania via Skype. After learning the ropes with the database, I have currently been training another intern who also attends San Diego State.

I have also been working on learning how to write press releases by reading past ones Dreama has written and also researching examples online. Along with practicing press releases, I worked on an EIA. I watched a video training session on social SEO and filled out a check list. These video training sessions are very helpful in that they provide step-by-step directions on how to be successful with the program they are teaching. I am also responsible for managing the Intern Profits Twitter account. I have been raising our follower count and leading them to the Intern Profits website.

Being a part-time nanny, a full-time graduating senior at San Diego State, an intern, and playing two softball games a week has definitely kept me busy. However, I am young and it is the time in my life where I feel like I can accomplish anything and everything.

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