Today is my final day here. As I look back on my time here at Intern Profits, I reflect on how much I learned and how much I grew as a professional.

This was the first time I have ever held a job working for a company. Just the thought of that, for business student like me was exciting. The best part about working with a small business is that you get to see the mechanisms behind the storefront. Here, I learned more about what makes small businesses tick.

I remember during my interview, when Justin and Dreama asked me why I wanted to work for a small business. I answered, because “I want to observe a business where everyone works for one goal free from other agendas. In a small business, everyone is dedicated to the success of the business.” The solidarity in the staff at small businesses always amazed me; therefore, I decided the best way to learn about it, is to experience it firsthand.

I was, and still am, amazed by the dedication not only Justin and Dreama show, but all the way down to the other interns and employees. There is that one goal in mind, success.

Through this experience, I have learned to be even more professional. My writing skills have increased here, and so have my video skills. Most of all, my business communication skills improved.

One of the best things about this internship was that, even though I was many miles away from the physical location during this virtual internship, I still felt like part of a team.

Thank you Justin, Dreama, and everyone else who I encountered on this journey.

Thank you to all who read my blog posts too.

Have a nice day and happy new year! In addition, good luck to the new interns!

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What is an excellent way for interns to keep track of every project they work on? The answer is a work record. A work record is a powerful tool that enhances resumes and gets better recommendations. How is this tool so powerful? Read on to find out.

A work record is a document that lists every single action and/or project that a worker does. This is especially helpful for interns, because they need to document their in-depth work experience to show to future employers. I learned how to do this first at Intern Profits.

Work records can help interns with their careers. At the end of the internship, interns can present the work record to the employer to help them write a polished reference. When filling out a resume, interns can pick the highlight of their work records and add it to their resume.

For more information about work records, feel free to watch this short video.

One of the important things I learned in this internship is the value of professionalism. I always keep in mind that my actions can influence how others see the company. Their first impression of me can be their introduction to Intern Profits.

When I speak to business people, I often explain how rewarding my internship is for me. I tell people the Intern Profits system is helping to boost the economy in two ways. First, businesses gain an eager workforce. Second, the interns are gaining valuable experience to help them get the career they want. I enjoy being involved in something so powerful.

Without professionalism in my words, people will not take what I am saying seriously. This can be a detriment to not only me, but also the company. Therefore, it is important to convey professionalism at all times.

The short video below explains the value of professionalism.


During my internship here at Intern Profits, I have been able to combine my classroom experience with real-world work experience.

The best example of this is the information I learned in my writing classes. In class, I learned the importance of adapting your message to its audience. For example, if you are writing for real estate investors, you would use all the technical terms that accompany that field. On the other hand, if you write that same information for the public, you would use as little technical terms as possible.

This directly applies to my tasks here at Intern Profits.  I help write articles and adapt them for different audiences. The techniques I learned in class for adapting writing truly help me here. These techniques prepared me to write about the same topic in a way that everyone can appreciate.

Equally important, I have used my experience here in the classroom. My teachers often ask for examples from student’s jobs. As I had never worked before this internship, I found myself without a topic to talk about. Now that I intern here, I have many great examples to use in the classroom. A case in point, my class reviewed the effect of video on a business’ marketing strategy. I could connect the videos from Intern Profits that showed the value of people excited about their product.

Before this internship, I did not know how many aspects of business management applied in real life. I only had textbook knowledge. Now that I have had the chance to observe the management style here, I have learned new strategies for managing employees and for getting assignments done.

My experience here at Intern Profits gives me a foundation in real-world business while I learn in the classroom. I can apply the knowledge I have gained here to my classroom assignments and the reverse is also true. I apply my classroom knowledge here. This is why I feel that internships are the best learning you can get outside of the classroom.