I started out working for Efficient Enterprises, Inc. as an intern, to fulfill requirements for my Management 401 class in order to graduate. However, my role as the Affiliate Marketing Intern has taught me a lot about myself and what I am able to accomplish.  During this experience I learned an immense amount about how the business world works and what it takes to succeed. Often times I found myself using the materials taught in my business courses at San Diego State University. I learned how to efficiently use online tools as well as effectively communicate, not only within the company but outside as well, through oral and written form.  I also learned how important it is to set your own personal goals as checkpoints to eventually meet company deadlines.  The personal goals I set for myself not only served to keep me on track but align my tasks with the goals of the company. Although it is the end of my internship for the purpose of my class, I am happy to continue as an intern at Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

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My current main focus is to find additional affiliates for Justin and Dreama for their upcoming launch. To aid my efforts I learned how to use quantcast. This proved to be an important tool in enhancing my search and data information. In addition to expanding their affiliate contacts, I have continued to work on gathering information on major universities. With the end of the soft launch, and the nearing launch in January, it is essential that we complete the database. After putting in so much time and effort, I really look forward in seeing the final product!

These last few weeks have been really hectic with school, my internship , a new job and my nearing graduation. Unfortunately, I was also sick with pneumonia and strep.  All this really made me learn how to prioritize my schedule and manage my time!

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Over the past couple of weeks, especially with the soft launch underway, I have had the opportunity to talk with some AMAZING affiliates promoting the InternProfits soft launch and upcoming launch in January. Justin and Dreama are super excited about this launch and it really shows. They want the very best for their customers, affiliate partners and of course the interns themselves.
They spared no expense in bringing Ray Edwards as the lead copywriter and Product Launch Manager. Ray has written copy for people like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins and countless others. So basically Ray has done this before, and now he’s doing it for Justin and Dreama!

I feel as though Justin and Dreama’s excitement really transfers into the motivation and support they have for their affiliates. In turn, I am just as excited  in helping cater our affiliate’s needs. Along with welcoming approved affiliates to the team and updating them on important information, I am there to answer any questions they might have. By keeping in touch we are on top of our affiliate partner’s wants and needs.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Justin and Dreama’s upcoming product launch, you should definitely check out www.internlaunchblog.com!

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For many students, internships are seen as a step in the right direction towards their career but not an essential one. But as today’s job market evolves and changes, internships are becoming an essential resource along with an education and the right GPA. Three weeks ago my plan was to find an internship solely to fulfill a requirement for class and possibly, if I was lucky, gain valuable work experience. However, the initial thought of an internship brought the idea of coffee runs instead of actual work to mind.

So far I have not made one coffee run. Although participating in a virtual internship makes these runs near to impossible, I believe my lack of knowing the Starbucks employees by name is because Justin and Dreama know the value of an intern.

While virtual employees do not have the benefit of meeting their bosses, I was fortunate enough to have a face-to-face meeting with them followed by dinner. This gave me a great chance to get to know the founders of the company on a more personal basis. The meeting also cleared up a lot of confusion and was helpful in setting a direction to where Justin and Dreama wanted me to be.

Unfortunately after the meeting I was sick with strep and unable to work for a few days. However, the great part of having a virtual internship is that there are no set hours and you’re able to work from home. Although I wasn’t a hundred percent better, I was still able to get some work done. The following week

After setting up many social networking accounts, the university database became my number one priority because of the nearing soft launch date. Ashley, also an intern, was able to train me over Skype on what information to gather and how to conduct the necessary phone calls. Since then I have been in contact with numerous universities and transferred the information to the main database.

The database pretty much takes up all my time. However, I was able to watch a few clips Justin sent of other soft launches to get ideas of how to attract new affiliates. Along with the clips, I worked on an Easy Intern Assignment about facebook fan pages. I watched a video training session between Craig Collins and Justin Lee, where I filled out a checklist. Interns will use this list later on when they want to set-up and improve a company’s fan page. I actually found the training session to be very insightful and an incredible asset to have. The step-by-step instructions made it easy to follow and answered every question I might have had.

While an internship is proving to be difficult to juggle with school and other responsibilities, I’m glad I’m not on coffee runs.

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