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I have had a lot on my plate recently (school, work, internship..). What I love about this internship is that I can do it whenever/where ever I want. I’m still doing research on internship companies as well as putting together press releases. I love how much I am learning through this internship. Learning the skills I am going to need for my future profession is obviously a major plus, but with the research I do for projects that Dreama assigns to me I am also learning so much about the world and what is going on concerning jobs and internship field. With summer quickly approaching and me moving to San Diego I will have more time to dedicate to my internship, which will only be beneficial. I am very excited about these next few months to come and everything I am going to learn!

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Recently I have been going through the HARO advertisements looking for more and more opportunities to spread the word about Intern Profits! I have also been continuing the research on other internship companies just to learn more about the industry. Dreama has been giving me opportunities to write press releases and with her helpful feedback I am learning the Do’s and Dont’s in creating a successful press release. Everyday I am doing this internship I learn so much that will only benefit for my future career.

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Hey everyone. Over the past few weeks and I have been learning so much! I took my first stab at writing a press release, which I found to be more challenging that I expected. Although, with a bit more practice I know I can nail it! President Obama made his State of the Union speech a few weeks ago, so I have been keeping an eye out for anything and everything relating to internships and apprenticeships concerning our (the  interns) futures. My daily tasks still consists of looking through HARO requests and Google Alerts for any advertisement opportunities and keeping spreadsheets updated, which seem to be going very well. There are some great ways to get your product out there once you know where to look! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

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Hello All!

This is my second week as an intern for internprofits.com and Efficient Enterprises Inc. I am the PR and Social Media intern and in just these few short weeks I have already learned so much through this virtual internship! Internprofits.com is such an amazing opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and skills in the world of PR. I want to thank  Justin and Dreama Lee for letting me have this opportunity and creating such an amazing company for small business and us interns. Having an internship is so important these days if one is serious about having a career in any field. I look forward to the exciting projects I will be doing as well as all of the interesting information I will be learning!