This week I finished all of my assignments. My internship is officially over! Some people thought taking an unpaid internship was a questionable decision at first, but it was undoubtedly the best way I could have spent my semester. I’ve learned a lot about online marketing and about business in general. I also developed a passion for the things I worked on. It really is true that a job doesn’t seem like work when you enjoy what you are doing.

Justin and Dreama have been a pleasure to work for. They really do understand what interns want and need from a small business’ internship program. Their understanding and willingness to teach me made my time with Intern Profits great. Thank you Justin and Dreama!

This internship has been one of the most educational and worthwhile things I’ve done. The experience I’ve gaind and the lessons I have learned are truly priceless. I think that I have provided valuable work to Justin and Dreama in return; this internship was truly a win-win combination. I’d suggest to all my classmates that you find an internship ASAP. Business owners, don’t waste time, go hire an intern today!

This week is every college student’s dream- Spring Break has arrived! Unfortunately for me, my Spring Break has been far from wild or exotic; I’ve spent it at home due to several internship interviews in the Philadelphia area.

The interviews seemed to go well. Most employers have been very interested in the work I’ve done with Intern Profits-proving once again that taking an unpaid, virtual internship was well worth my time. It was interesting to me that two of the companies I spoke with are actively searching for people with the digital marketing skills I am learning this semester. One firm I’d love to work for is an international digital-marketing agency with numerous clients on the Fortune 1000. Their expertise lies partly in the skills taught by Justin, Dreama, and a host of expert guests in Intern Profits’ Easy Intern Assignments. In short, this agency’s customers pay BIG bucks to have their online marketing presence developed and maintained. They are paying for services that interns can do free of charge for your small business!

Moral of the story: A digital-marketing presence is essential to any business’ success. Large corporations know this and are willing to pay for it. Smaller businesses don’t have big marketing budgets, but hiring an intern could be the key to mastering the digital marketplace.

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The past two weeks have involved a lot of back and forth communication with Justin and Dreama. We’ve been hard at work writing content and creating a sleek design for the newsletter. This is challenging work, but I’m really enjoying it. I appreciate that I have been given a great amount of freedom to tinker with this project and to make it my own.

Because the nature of my work requires a lot of editing and commentary, I have been working closer than ever with Justin and Dreama. This would normally be a challenge for me (or for any young professional). But as an intern at, there are many tools/practices in place to make this easy. Daily emails are the key to keeping in contact with my mentors. These allow us to communicate very effectively, but when more direct communication is needed, online webinars have been key. Because we can hear AND see what the other is looking at, it as if Justin and I are in the same room, even when a continent lies between us. I’ve learned that the key is to impose a certain structure to your communications and to stress regular contact during all projects. Doing so will ensure that any internship is mutually beneficial. Conversely, failing to communicate will only result in a headache and wasted time.

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    This week was by far the busiest of my semester. I had a variety of urgent responsibilities both inside and outside of school, but (after a helpful call from Justin Lee) I was still able to make some strong progress on the newsletter. I put together a rough graphical sketch of the newsletter, complete with some very exciting and informative content. I also did considerable research on the fine art of writing informational articles. I’m confident that in the next few weeks the first newsletter can be completed. Once the first is done, the following editions should come together quite easily!

    I want to share my experience at the Penn State Career Fair this week. Over 120 employers, including big names like Target, Johnson & Johnson, and General Electric, were on campus looking for the best future businessmen and businesswomen. Armed with new experience from my internship, I worked my way through the room confidently. I found that many businesses were interested and impressed by the meaningful work I’ve been doing this semester. I was able to explain to corporate recruiters what I’ve learned, what I’m doing, and why it will help me in the future. I walked away with two interviews and several exciting leads! At the previous career fair, I was often overlooked because I did not have the marketable experience I’ve gained this semester. This is why so many students are willing to work for free; an internship pays off big time in the future! Furthermore, by using the steps laid out at, your business could be one of those represented at career fairs, mingling with thousands of talented young adults.

    Finally, I’m very excited to be part of the Penn State Dance Marathon, which kicks off this Friday! Known around campus as THON, this 46 hour event is the world’s largest student run philanthropy. Its’ mission is to provide financial and emotional support to children battling pediatric cancer. Since 1977, THON has donated $69 million to the fight against childhood cancer. To learn more about THON, or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit Please make sure to credit your donation to my favorite organization, Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA)!

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    In this video, I discuss my third week of work as an intern at I’ll talk about my progress on the monthly newsletter and a webinar that taught me how interns can easily improve search engine rankings!

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      This week was a hectic one because school swung into full gear, and assignments quickly started to clutter up my planner. I’m finding out the key to a virtual internship is to treat it like another class; set aside a convenient section of time each day and do make sure to get your tasks done at this time. Otherwise, your work will get lost among school responsibilities.

      The past week was spent learning the “Easy Intern Assignments” on I was really impressed by the breadth of information covered in these short presentations. The fundamentals I learned from the EIA’s will help me excel both during my internship and after graduation. I’d recommend that all business owners check these out and have their interns do the same. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start building a newsletter around a selected Easy Intern Assignment. I’m very excited about the creativity this will require and the freedom Justin and Dreama have allowed me. Wish me luck, and check back next week!

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        Thanks for checking out my first blog entry! To get started, please watch this short video introducing myself and my new internship. I speak about my expectations for the internship, my goals, the Intern Profits program, and the project I’ll be working on. Richard Robinson Blog Intro!

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