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When I began my virtual internship in January I was not sure what to expected.  I was starting my last semester of college but needed an internship to complete my course requirements. However, there was one major problem.  I couldn’t afford the relocating expenses associated with other internships. I wasn’t sure how a virtual internship would work but I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I liked the idea of not having a rigid work schedule or not taking the subway into an office each morning.  Not bothering to get dressed up in a suit and tie was definitely a bonus for me.  Being able to work anywhere I could take my computer was a plus. The flexibility provided to me thru my virtual internship was a positive experience .It allowed me the chance to gain valuable work experience from my own desk while completing my last semester of college at Penn State. It was a valuable opportunity that allowed me to improve my skills for my future employment.

I enjoyed the freedom my virtual internship provided me. I was able to work on my tasks without the added pressure of a mentor looking directly over my shoulder. I liked having deadlines for my assignments, which helped motivate me to complete my tasks. I was able to communicate effectively with Justin and Dreama via the computer and phone.

I have been grateful for the opportunity to work with my mentors, Justin and Dreama. They have been supportive, encouraging and have created a professional work atmosphere thru the virtual world.  My virtual internship was a valuable work experience and I am thankful for the experienced.  I have been fortunate to grow while also improving my work skills thru Intern Profits.

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This past weekend I was proud to be involved in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world called THON. Intern Profits allowed me to participate and donate my time to this worthy cause. My fellow classmates at Penn State danced for 46 hours straight and raised over 10.6 million dollars! Yes it was over 10.6 million dollars to help bring awareness and help find a cure for pediatric cancer.   The event had over 15,000 student volunteers and 700 dancers. The 46-hour dance marathon was filled with music, talent shows, fashion shows and various games.  It was very gratifying and a very emotional time for all of us here at Penn State.  We felt a great sense of pride for helping these young cancer victims and making a difference in their lives.  Thru my virtual internship I was able to attend THON and work on my internship during breaks.  I am grateful to have  been selected for an internship at Intern Profits and the opportunity during my senior year to participate in this record-breaking fundraiser called THON. It will be a lasting memory for me.

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Last week my university said goodbye to its legendary football coach who lost his battle with lung cancer.  Coach Joseph Vincent Paterno was a mentor and leader to many of the students at Penn State not just the football players. It was a time of great sadness here at Penn State. We cried, mourned and grieved together.  My fellow classmates and I shared our memories with each other.  We spoke with pride about Coach Paterno’s influence on each of our lives. We at Penn State are very much aware that Mr. Paterno was more than a football coach. He gave monetary donations that allowed us to have a first rate library, student health center and various scholarships for students unable to afford college tuition.  I was thankful to be able to surround myself with friends during this difficult time. I was able to participate in the memorial events and vigils that honored Coach Paterno. My virtual internship allowed me to share my grief with friends, professors and others within the Penn State community.  I can’t imagine being away from the Penn State campus during this difficult time. As a former professor told me I was living history.  I will cherish and always remember the week that allowed me to honor Coach Paterno’s memory.

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Search Engine Optimization is a term, which many people are not familiar with. Most of my family is not comfortable in the IT world and have never even heard of the words Search Engine Optimization.   When my family members begin asking me about my new internship, I take a deep breath and attempt to explain the meaning of search engine optimization.  I have found out it is not an easy task. I get a certain amount of surprise and such responses, as “I didn’t even know you could do that”. As I demonstrated the procedure, it reminds me how far technology has progressed and the growth involved in Search Engine Optimization. When I applied to Intern Profits, I didn’t know much about Search Engine Optimization but I am enjoying learning all the steps and how it works. I am looking forward to seeing where Intern Profits takes me in the next few weeks as I continue to learn.

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Happy Friday the 13th

When comparing my current internship to my previous internship the first word that pops into my head is flexibility. The reason for this is I am able to pick my own hours and get my work done. I like the advantage of looking at the day and working when it`s convenient. This is why I believe virtual internships are going to begin to increase in the future. If your looking to hire student internships it great benefit to have. Think about all students random schedules and odd hours. If you ask your intern to put in 40 hours this week it becomes much manageable. This is why flexibility and virtual internships go hand in hand. It`s a great option to have as business and  student.

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Hello Guys,
I am graduating in the spring! The last thing I had on my plate was to find an internship for my Information Sciences and Technology degree. I understood the process of selecting an internship due to the fact that I was currently doing an internship for my Recreation, Park, Tourism and management degree. My main goal for my IST was to make to try and get a lot of hands on experience. My main reason for this was that I was new to the field and didn`t have any work experience in the IST field. I really needed an opportunity where I could grow to develop my skills. When searching I was in an odd position due to the fact that I was  looking for internship in the spring semester so I was limited in that aspect. I then came across the company InternProfits while on the intern search. The company was interesting due to the fact they were offering a type of internship I hadn`t seen on the job posting site before. Search Engine Optimization. I became interested in this topic and was excited to learn more about the methods used . When I applied for the job I didn`t realize it was a virtual internship at the time and didn`t know you could do this. After understanding the process of a Virtual internship there are so many benefits of this and I couldn`t happier the way my internship is set up.

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This is my first week of my internship! I want to thank Justin and Dreama Lee for giving me the opportunity at Intern Profits.  My role as an intern will be focusing on Search Engine Optimization.  I am very excited to broaden my knowledge and  to learn about the different methods and techniques used in the area of search engine optimization. I hope to keep you up to date as I move forward with this experience.