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So far I have learned many new things thanks to Intern Profits. The best part is that I work whenever wherever. I have been using googles keyword tool in doing my research. SEO has been very interesting and I have enjoyed learning about the traffic certain words get on the web.

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I have had a lot on my plate recently (school, work, internship..). What I love about this internship is that I can do it whenever/where ever I want. I’m still doing research on internship companies as well as putting together press releases. I love how much I am learning through this internship. Learning the skills I am going to need for my future profession is obviously a major plus, but with the research I do for projects that Dreama assigns to me I am also learning so much about the world and what is going on concerning jobs and internship field. With summer quickly approaching and me moving to San Diego I will have more time to dedicate to my internship, which will only be beneficial. I am very excited about these next few months to come and everything I am going to learn!

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When I began my virtual internship in January I was not sure what to expected.  I was starting my last semester of college but needed an internship to complete my course requirements. However, there was one major problem.  I couldn’t afford the relocating expenses associated with other internships. I wasn’t sure how a virtual internship would work but I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I liked the idea of not having a rigid work schedule or not taking the subway into an office each morning.  Not bothering to get dressed up in a suit and tie was definitely a bonus for me.  Being able to work anywhere I could take my computer was a plus. The flexibility provided to me thru my virtual internship was a positive experience .It allowed me the chance to gain valuable work experience from my own desk while completing my last semester of college at Penn State. It was a valuable opportunity that allowed me to improve my skills for my future employment.

I enjoyed the freedom my virtual internship provided me. I was able to work on my tasks without the added pressure of a mentor looking directly over my shoulder. I liked having deadlines for my assignments, which helped motivate me to complete my tasks. I was able to communicate effectively with Justin and Dreama via the computer and phone.

I have been grateful for the opportunity to work with my mentors, Justin and Dreama. They have been supportive, encouraging and have created a professional work atmosphere thru the virtual world.  My virtual internship was a valuable work experience and I am thankful for the experienced.  I have been fortunate to grow while also improving my work skills thru Intern Profits.

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Since the website that I have been working on throughout the semester is pretty much ready to be viewed by the public, it is now time to start promoting it. I am currently working on building a twitter following for @BuyRedFrogBeach. I am using a software that allows you to follow, and unfollow a number of users each day. It is quite interesting. I am also creating a Facebook Fan Page for the villa which should be ready to be viewed by the public by next week. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks leading up to graduation, and seeing how all of this work throughout the semester turns out.

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Over the past month or so, I have been working on a website for Justin and Dreama. The idea is for them to be able to sell their shares that they own in a villa in Panama. The site is pretty much finished besides some minor touches. I have been learning more about dofollow and nofollow links, and which sites should be placed into each category. The only thing left for the site is to add a video and maybe update the background. I will soon be getting into more SEO stuff and I will surely keep you updated.

I will also be working on a side project involving intern profits. Not exactly sure if any SEO work will be involved in the project, or if I will just be updating the site in WordPress. Either way I am really looking forward to it. I’ll be sure to keep you updated while I finish out the last month or so of this internship.

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Recently I have been going through the HARO advertisements looking for more and more opportunities to spread the word about Intern Profits! I have also been continuing the research on other internship companies just to learn more about the industry. Dreama has been giving me opportunities to write press releases and with her helpful feedback I am learning the Do’s and Dont’s in creating a successful press release. Everyday I am doing this internship I learn so much that will only benefit for my future career.

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This week marks about my halfway mark while working with internprofits.com. In addition with working with WordPress, updating pages, rearranging theme, etc. recently I have been searching for a variety of different WordPress plugins. These plugins can be used as a number of different tasks to help make your website findable when searching in Google. The more I go along the more I want to learn. So far it has been a great experience.

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The more I work on the project handed to me by Justin and Dreama, the more I learn about SEO optimization. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of keyword research for different terms that relate to the project that I’m working on. Once I figure out what terms are most searched for using the Google Analytics tool, I record my results into an Excel Spreadsheet. I find out which terms are the most relevant and most useful, and then I eventually insert them into the “tags” on that certain page for the website. This way we know what people are searching for, and eventually when they search these terms on Google they may come across our page after a little bit of link building. I am currently searching for WordPress plugins that I can insert into the site.

As a little side project, I am also doing some keyword research for students or other people who are trying to find an internship. This will help out with the intern profits site by finding out what people are searching for when it comes to trying to find an internship. I was one of those people searching for an internship not to long ago.

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This past weekend I was proud to be involved in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world called THON. Intern Profits allowed me to participate and donate my time to this worthy cause. My fellow classmates at Penn State danced for 46 hours straight and raised over 10.6 million dollars! Yes it was over 10.6 million dollars to help bring awareness and help find a cure for pediatric cancer.   The event had over 15,000 student volunteers and 700 dancers. The 46-hour dance marathon was filled with music, talent shows, fashion shows and various games.  It was very gratifying and a very emotional time for all of us here at Penn State.  We felt a great sense of pride for helping these young cancer victims and making a difference in their lives.  Thru my virtual internship I was able to attend THON and work on my internship during breaks.  I am grateful to have  been selected for an internship at Intern Profits and the opportunity during my senior year to participate in this record-breaking fundraiser called THON. It will be a lasting memory for me.

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Hey everyone. Over the past few weeks and I have been learning so much! I took my first stab at writing a press release, which I found to be more challenging that I expected. Although, with a bit more practice I know I can nail it! President Obama made his State of the Union speech a few weeks ago, so I have been keeping an eye out for anything and everything relating to internships and apprenticeships concerning our (the  interns) futures. My daily tasks still consists of looking through HARO requests and Google Alerts for any advertisement opportunities and keeping spreadsheets updated, which seem to be going very well. There are some great ways to get your product out there once you know where to look! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

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Over the past couple of weeks Justin and Dreama have allowed me to help create a website for property in Panama that they will eventually sell. They’re giving me the freedom to write the content and information I feel is necessary for the site, as well as create landing pages, include pictures, edit videos, and manage the twitter and youtube accounts for their villa. I’m learning more about using WordPress everyday and all of its little capabilities when it comes to editing a website. I’m also learning how to promote the website through twitter and youtube by using SEO techniques, such as link building and keyword research. I am interested in seeing how the website will turn out when it’s close to finished and how many hits it gets per month.

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I have been working for Justin and Dreama for a few weeks now, and I learn more every day. I usually take a call with Justin once or twice a week and he gives me the rundown of the tasks that need to be completed. First I started with link building, but now I have moved on to another interesting project. I’m trying to help them with a new website that they are working on by doing some research and even posting information that I have found on my own. The project I’m working on also involves networking on Twitter and Youtube to get some other people interested through social media. I can’t wait to get even more involved with this project and am looking forward to doing my part.

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Hey everybody, this is my second week working for Justin and Dreama Lee. First I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to work for/with them at Intern Profits. I am working on Search Engine Optimization, and I already feel like I have learned a ton of valuable information in only 2 weeks! My first week consisted mostly of watching training videos and talking with Justin, so that I could get a grasp on the concept of SEO before actually diving into it. I had a chance to watch some very interesting training videos which contained information that a lot of local business owners would love to know. These videos are vital in teaching local businesses how to get their business website onto the first page of Google.

Once the training process was over, I finally got to start using these tactics on my own. Doing some of these tasks and assignments really open your mind up to how and what people actually search for when using Google. I know there is a ton more to learn in the upcoming weeks, and I plan to let you all know how my internship goes throughout the semester.

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Search Engine Optimization is a term, which many people are not familiar with. Most of my family is not comfortable in the IT world and have never even heard of the words Search Engine Optimization.   When my family members begin asking me about my new internship, I take a deep breath and attempt to explain the meaning of search engine optimization.  I have found out it is not an easy task. I get a certain amount of surprise and such responses, as “I didn’t even know you could do that”. As I demonstrated the procedure, it reminds me how far technology has progressed and the growth involved in Search Engine Optimization. When I applied to Intern Profits, I didn’t know much about Search Engine Optimization but I am enjoying learning all the steps and how it works. I am looking forward to seeing where Intern Profits takes me in the next few weeks as I continue to learn.

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Hello All!

This is my second week as an intern for internprofits.com and Efficient Enterprises Inc. I am the PR and Social Media intern and in just these few short weeks I have already learned so much through this virtual internship! Internprofits.com is such an amazing opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and skills in the world of PR. I want to thank  Justin and Dreama Lee for letting me have this opportunity and creating such an amazing company for small business and us interns. Having an internship is so important these days if one is serious about having a career in any field. I look forward to the exciting projects I will be doing as well as all of the interesting information I will be learning!