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Happy Friday the 13th

When comparing my current internship to my previous internship the first word that pops into my head is flexibility. The reason for this is I am able to pick my own hours and get my work done. I like the advantage of looking at the day and working when it`s convenient. This is why I believe virtual internships are going to begin to increase in the future. If your looking to hire student internships it great benefit to have. Think about all students random schedules and odd hours. If you ask your intern to put in 40 hours this week it becomes much manageable. This is why flexibility and virtual internships go hand in hand. It`s a great option to have as business and  student.

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Hello Guys,
I am graduating in the spring! The last thing I had on my plate was to find an internship for my Information Sciences and Technology degree. I understood the process of selecting an internship due to the fact that I was currently doing an internship for my Recreation, Park, Tourism and management degree. My main goal for my IST was to make to try and get a lot of hands on experience. My main reason for this was that I was new to the field and didn`t have any work experience in the IST field. I really needed an opportunity where I could grow to develop my skills. When searching I was in an odd position due to the fact that I was  looking for internship in the spring semester so I was limited in that aspect. I then came across the company InternProfits while on the intern search. The company was interesting due to the fact they were offering a type of internship I hadn`t seen on the job posting site before. Search Engine Optimization. I became interested in this topic and was excited to learn more about the methods used . When I applied for the job I didn`t realize it was a virtual internship at the time and didn`t know you could do this. After understanding the process of a Virtual internship there are so many benefits of this and I couldn`t happier the way my internship is set up.

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While most interns are dealing with finals and possibly graduation this week, I have been working at my part-time job.  I have also been dealing with a lot of changes and unexpected stress, so perhaps I’ve been just as distracted this week as the other interns.  However, I’m working on reorganizing and getting back on track, because quite honestly, my internship work is what makes me happiest out of any work that I do.

I am actually really excited for my next big project at Intern Profits.  I have recently compiled contact information for bloggers, writers and reporters.  Combined with information acquired from Press King’s database of bloggers and a contact list of bloggers compiled by previous interns, I am going to start researching bloggers and contacting them in order to see if Intern Profits will be able to either provide the blogger with information that they can create a post about, give an informative interview to the blogger so that their readers may benefit from the information, and/or provide a guest blog post.  I really hope that we find some success from this outreach, as this will generate some good publicity for Intern Profits, as well as help us reach out to more people who need the advice/information that Justin and Dreama are able to provide.

I am interested to see how this goes.  It’s a little bit different than contacting reporters, as bloggers have a different style of writing and generally have a very specific following.  I’m sure to get some good experience from this project, and hopefully help Intern Profits reach more small business owners and entrepreneurs!

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My internship experience thus far has been amazing. There has been some ups and some downs, but overall it has helped me learn how to communicate in the real world and how to handle difficult situations.

Last Fall, I began my internship working on A/B split testing, conversion tracking, and working with Google Analytics for some of Justin’s websites. I worked on this project with two other interns and it really helped me learn how to communicate with others in a work setting. Another cool thing about it was that all communication was via emails and phone calls. I know that in the future it will be more person to person, but knowing how to communicate via email and phone is also very important and I believe this internship has really helped me in communicating in those two ways.

As I said in my last blog post, I am currently managing two of Justin and Dreama’s Twitter accounts. Through building the followings of the account and posting content to one of the accounts, I have learned that Twitter can be used as a great marketing tool. The more people you have that follow you, the more people will hear of you, and the more people will check your site out to see what you have to offer. Intern Profits is a great program and more and more people are going to start hearing about it.

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to work for a company that offers so much, and allows you to be flexible with what you want to do for your internship. However, with that being said, it is a very well-structured internship that really helps you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, and it helps you to improve on your weaknesses. I would recommend anyone and everyone to apply for an internship with Justin and Dreama because you will not regret it!

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Over the past year, I have spent many hours working on my internship for Justin and Dreama Lee. Most recently, I have been managing two of their twitter accounts, InternProfits and SDCashDeals.

For the InternProfits account, I have been strictly building the following and followers of the account. I am working with another intern, Cassie Johnson, who is creating the content for the InternProfits account. For the SDCashDeals account, I am building the followers and following of the account as well as posting content to the account. I have a Google Alert set to San Diego Real Estate so anytime an article with the key words “San Diego Real Estate” shows up on the internet, it gets sent to my email. I pick articles that are interesting and have good knowledge of San Diego Real Estate. Along with just posting articles, I usually ask a question after I post the link asking how they liked the article or what their thoughts on the article were.

I had already known a lot about Twitter prior to this internship, so I figured this was going to be pretty easy to manage. However, I realized that there are a ton of different Twitter tools that you can use to post content, build followings, and automate some twitter functions. Though I have been extremely busy and finals week is just around the corner, I am very fortunate to have been given this internship opportunity because I have learned so much about something I thought was so simple.

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This is my first week as an intern for Efficient Enterprises, Inc.  I am extremely excited to get started and learn more about the PR world.  So far, I have been given a lot of information to look over and learn.  It seems a bit daunting at times, but I know how valuable and important this information is, so I have been doing my best to prioritize it and get through it as soon as possible.  This internship means a lot to me because I was not able to complete an internship while I was in college.  In the three years since graduation, I have worked a few desk jobs, lost a job, and been on unemployment.  I have not yet begun to build my career, and I am concerned that I need to get started sooner rather than later.  Without the coveted “experience,” I am worth nothing to employers.  However, it seems that no employer is willing to take on an entry-level employee and train them, so getting that “experience” has been next to impossible, and I am stuck in a vicious circle.  Completing an internship has been the only solution I see to this problem.  I have been looking for an internship for a little over a year now, but did not have much luck, since I am not currently enrolled in school.  I am extremely grateful that I was able to get the opportunity to intern with this company.  I am already learning so much; I am just trying to process all of it!

My goals for this internship are to help Efficient Enterprises, Inc. make Intern Profits more successful.  I hope to assist them in building a larger clientele by driving traffic to their website as well as interacting with potential clients and promoting  Intern Profits to them.  I am also hoping to learn the ins and outs of the public relations field, so that I am better prepared for my job search.  I hope to create a lot of content (press releases, blog posts, articles, etc.) that will be able to be used not only to benefit Intern Profits, but also to show future employers what I am capable of.

I know this is not going to be easy, but I am ready.  I will be posting updates throughout my internship, so stay tuned!

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This week was by far the busiest of my semester. I had a variety of urgent responsibilities both inside and outside of school, but (after a helpful call from Justin Lee) I was still able to make some strong progress on the newsletter. I put together a rough graphical sketch of the www.internprofits.com newsletter, complete with some very exciting and informative content. I also did considerable research on the fine art of writing informational articles. I’m confident that in the next few weeks the first newsletter can be completed. Once the first is done, the following editions should come together quite easily!

I want to share my experience at the Penn State Career Fair this week. Over 120 employers, including big names like Target, Johnson & Johnson, and General Electric, were on campus looking for the best future businessmen and businesswomen. Armed with new experience from my internship, I worked my way through the room confidently. I found that many businesses were interested and impressed by the meaningful work I’ve been doing this semester. I was able to explain to corporate recruiters what I’ve learned, what I’m doing, and why it will help me in the future. I walked away with two interviews and several exciting leads! At the previous career fair, I was often overlooked because I did not have the marketable experience I’ve gained this semester. This is why so many students are willing to work for free; an internship pays off big time in the future! Furthermore, by using the steps laid out at www.internprofits.com, your business could be one of those represented at career fairs, mingling with thousands of talented young adults.

Finally, I’m very excited to be part of the Penn State Dance Marathon, which kicks off this Friday! Known around campus as THON, this 46 hour event is the world’s largest student run philanthropy. Its’ mission is to provide financial and emotional support to children battling pediatric cancer. Since 1977, THON has donated $69 million to the fight against childhood cancer. To learn more about THON, or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit www.THON.org Please make sure to credit your donation to my favorite organization, Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA)!

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This week was a hectic one because school swung into full gear, and assignments quickly started to clutter up my planner. I’m finding out the key to a virtual internship is to treat it like another class; set aside a convenient section of time each day and do make sure to get your tasks done at this time. Otherwise, your work will get lost among school responsibilities.

The past week was spent learning the “Easy Intern Assignments” on www.internprofits.com. I was really impressed by the breadth of information covered in these short presentations. The fundamentals I learned from the EIA’s will help me excel both during my internship and after graduation. I’d recommend that all business owners check these out and have their interns do the same. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start building a newsletter around a selected Easy Intern Assignment. I’m very excited about the creativity this will require and the freedom Justin and Dreama have allowed me. Wish me luck, and check back next week!

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    Thanks for checking out my first blog entry! To get started, please watch this short video introducing myself and my new internship. I speak about my expectations for the internship, my goals, the Intern Profits program, and the project I’ll be working on. Richard Robinson Blog Intro!

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                I started out working for Efficient Enterprises, Inc. as an intern, to fulfill requirements for my Management 401 class in order to graduate. However, my role as the Affiliate Marketing Intern has taught me a lot about myself and what I am able to accomplish.  During this experience I learned an immense amount about how the business world works and what it takes to succeed. Often times I found myself using the materials taught in my business courses at San Diego State University. I learned how to efficiently use online tools as well as effectively communicate, not only within the company but outside as well, through oral and written form.  I also learned how important it is to set your own personal goals as checkpoints to eventually meet company deadlines.  The personal goals I set for myself not only served to keep me on track but align my tasks with the goals of the company. Although it is the end of my internship for the purpose of my class, I am happy to continue as an intern at Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

                If you’re looking to hire an intern, you should check out InternProfits or learn more about interning at Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

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      The past week was a really tough one for me. I had a huge workload with midterms and group projects for school. I also received terrible news about one of my good friends from high school passing away in a tragic motorcycle accident. It did not feel real and I did not want to accept it. I took the eight hour drive back home to be with my family and friends for the funeral.

      Because of this unfortunate occurrence, my life had to be put on pause. I was only able to research universities and write one more press release about the Intern Profit’s facebook fan page. Thankfully, Dreama and Justin were understanding and supportive about my situation and loss. This next week I will get back on track and continue with my crazy life that I love and appreciate.

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      My current main focus is to find additional affiliates for Justin and Dreama for their upcoming launch. To aid my efforts I learned how to use quantcast. This proved to be an important tool in enhancing my search and data information. In addition to expanding their affiliate contacts, I have continued to work on gathering information on major universities. With the end of the soft launch, and the nearing launch in January, it is essential that we complete the database. After putting in so much time and effort, I really look forward in seeing the final product!

      These last few weeks have been really hectic with school, my internship , a new job and my nearing graduation. Unfortunately, I was also sick with pneumonia and strep.  All this really made me learn how to prioritize my schedule and manage my time!

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      It has been a week after the soft launch and things have definitely slowed down a lot. The soft launch was a great success and a lot of data was pulled. This week has consisted of going over the data that we pulled and creating a report out of it. This report will consist of important information that will describe which videos performed the best. It was so cool to see that so many people visited the site which shows that Justin and Dreama did a great job with advertising their site and letting people know how crucial it was to watch their videos. What I find most satisfying is putting the data together and seeing how it all comes together for the videos. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas Break but when we return from break we will come right back for another launch which we are all excited for! It is hard work and it keeps us interns busy but it is also interesting and fun work to do!

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      The soft launch period was over and it went pretty well. Right after the soft launch there was a short break before the new tasks came out. I was very busy last week and was not working that much. I had couple of exams and went out of town and still feel pretty tired these two days.

      Overall, we generated a lot of data from the soft launch. It looks like people tend to watch the latest video compare with the old ones. Especially when the fourth video came out really no one was watching the first video anyone which totally make sense. About the video, the average watching length was pretty good and they are around five to seven minutes which definitely means that people watch it for a descent time. I bet that when I was collecting the data, I just stop it from automatically playing which probably makes the average went down. The process bar definitely make a difference. Although I do not feel like you can watch a version that is actually with process bar. I feel like with the process bar it is better for people who needs this video because they can then pause it and watch it again when they feel like it. The money magnet squeeze page worked out very well too and generated pretty decent traffic over this time.

      According to Joe’s report there are nearly ten thousand people visited the site mainly from U.S. and Canada which is cool. The next step we will be pulling some other data from Analytics and generate a report about the soft launch data. It will be detailed about what was going on.

      One of my main tasks working for Efficient Enterprises, Inc. has been to write press releases for the Intern Profits. So far I have written a press release for their free report on illegal internships, the InternProfits.com blog, and the Intern Profit’s membership site. Not only did I learn how to write the press releases, but I also learned how to do search engine optimization on them. SEO is a very important tool that helps articles to be easily found through major search engines.

      With graduation slowly approaching in the next month and  a half, my life has been pretty chaotic with school, work, my internship, and sports. I have definitely been learning how to manage my time and prioritize my schedule. Because this internship is virtual it really helps that I get to work on it during my own time, reducing a lot of the stress on my shoulders.