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About 3 weeks ago the soft launch was just getting under way. Now almost three weeks later, the soft launch is coming to a close. Over these past three weeks I have gained an extensive knowledge for analytics. In the first week it was a little tough to get the hang of the analytics but soon after I got the hang of it and it was just an easy step by step process. Tools such as visual website optimizer, tubemogul, and aweber have really helped Justin and Dreama improve their business. So far I have been very intrigued by the work I have done for this internship. In the near future, myself and two other interns will be putting a report together for Justin and Dreama to help them declare which pages performed better than others. I am very excited for what is to come in the next week!

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It is nearly the end to our pre launch of the internprofit program. During the month I gained pretty decent skills in analytics area. Start from not know anything and got lost all the time to knowing everything and just finish the work by steps only takes a month. Recently I just mainly stick with pulling data and really not that busy but have to be careful about the time. Just like I do not want to forget to pull data 2:00pm tomorrow.

I asked myself when I started doing this unpaid internship. Am I going to be responsible and reliable while doing it? Is there any chances I want to say stop during the meanwhile of the internship? What is the motivation for me to do it? The truth is I am actually not thinking about whether I get paid or not while I am working. As long as I am working on something I believe is interesting and give my experience, I can really put my heart in it. But I want to admit that when there are money rewards I just work much more positively.
Last week there was once I did not pull data at the right time. I was supposed to pull data at 2:00pm but I remembered at 5:00pm. I was worried and thinking about whether I will just hide it. Of course I can never be the kind of person to hide the truth and obey my own rule. Learn from it, I now set my alarm for the my turn to pull data which is kind of helpful.
There is not a lot of new things to say right now. But tomorrow is going to be the last day of the soft launch and I will be acquiring data. It would be interesting to see how many final traffic we can get. I guess there will be some new tasks after the soft launch and it will be exciting.

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We are coming to the end of the test launch for the Intern Profits product. It has been a huge learning experience so far. I have learned a tremendous deal about so many new web analytic tools that I never knew existed. It has been very interesting to see how many different ways you can test a website for profitability and usability in order to maximize those aspects.

This past week we had a series of webinars presenting our offer to the prospective buyers. We had a great number of people sign-up for the webinars and we hope they liked what they heard and will choose to invest in the intern hiring tool. We’ve learned a lot about what works and what does not when it comes to putting together a quality website that will maximize conversions. In the coming weeks, we will be putting together a report summarizing the entire test launch and suggesting ideas of how to make the hard launch in January as successful as possible.

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So the soft launch went on very well we generate very descent amount of traffic. There are over a thousand views of the video and seventy-three recommends on facebook. Start from next week, we will be holding webinars for more people to get helpful information. I am pretty excited about it. There will be several webinars given.

Start from only the mm1 squeeze pages and videos till now we have several different pages and videos to keep track with. I am actually surprised by myself in using so many analytical tools to record the data. It is really not hard to play with the tools and go over them really quick. So we used Visual Website Optimizer, Aweber, Tubemogul, Google Analytics, Burdurl. This is crazy!

This internship is a really good chance to improve myself in better managing my time and explore new things. Struggling with all the exams, homework and interviews. This semester is obviously kind of hard for me. Doing a part time internship is making this even more crazy. But I feel like doing a lot of work. Just follow the steps and do the things. Get them done one by one give my a very nice feeling. In case I forgot to pull data at the right time, I set the alarm clock to remind myself. Also, I try to work in between of my other school works and honestly the works

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This week I did a lot of cool things with my internship. My team were excited about our soft launch. We had several webinars this week illustrating how to pull data from the three tools which I talked about in the previous blogs. The process is not hard and it is actually very simple. I like the tubemogul analytics tool. We get all the data of the videos from it such as  the average length people watch the video and the comparison between videos with process bar and no process bar.

Justin run us through the process on the first day which was really helpful. Later on during the launch it will be more complicated and busier since new stuff will be included. I feel like learned a lot from this internship. This internship is different from other jobs I had before. I work remotely and the communications are through emails and webinars.

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    The second week of my internship was a very busy one. First, myself and the other interns had to get ourselves familiarized with visual website optimizer, tubemogul, and google analytics in order to be ready for the first day of the soft launch which was yesterday. All of these tools are pretty simple to use and they can be extremely helpful to your websites if used properly. On top of this, we had several GoToMeetings with Justin and we had to figure out which interns would pull the data on which days. This internship is really helping to show me how important time management is.

    These next couple of weeks will get increasingly more busy but I am prepared for what the future holds. Justin helped all of us on our first pulling of the data and he explained it very well so that we could do it by ourselves for the rest of the pullings. I have enjoyed this week because we put all of our research into action and it is really cool to see how it all works out. I am very excited to see what week three brings to us!

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    So, it is now approximately the end of my second week of interning with Efficient Enterprises, and so far it has been a very informative internship experience. I’ve been getting to learn how the program Visual Website Optimizer works, and it is an extremely effective tool with some interesting features. My personal favorite being the heatmaps that it creates of a page showing which spots receive the highest concentration of clicks. I am really looking forward to learning more programs and tools like this that will give me a huge head start in this field after college.

    As far as the internship moving forward, tomorrow is the first day of the soft launch. We will begin pulling the analytics, and finally start putting the past two weeks of preparing and researching the best programs to use. It will be a nice change to be able to start doing some more hands on work with something more tangible than the more prep work that we have been doing the past couple weeks. As I said before, I am really looking forward to the experience and relevant work that I feel I will be able to come away from with and use in my future career.

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    I just recently started interning with the company Efficient Enterprises Inc. working on their Intern Profits project, and so far it has been a great experience. Early this semester, I gained a strong interest in the subject of user interface design and human computer interaction. Not long after, Justin Lee, founder and CEO of Efficient Enterprises, contacted me with a position performing such work. While it is an unpaid internship, it was too much of a great experience to pass up, especially since it involves exactly the topics that I would like to pursue as a career

    Justin is selling an information product, and needs the help of myself of two other interns to perform Google Analytics and Split Testing on the website he is selling his website on in order to boost his sale conversion rates. Our first assignment was to figure out which video player would integrate best with Amazon CloudFront Streaming (the host of Justin’s videos) and a video analytics program that would measure the metrics we were most looking for in order to evaluate the best usage of a video on the website. In the end, we decided on using JW Player as our video program and TubeMogul’s InPlay analytics of the video. This way we can easily measure many different analytics on the video such as average time played, amount of times the video was watched to completion, where the most popular segments of the video were, and when the user stopped watching the video.

    Now we are looking into other form of analytics, like Google Analytics, which allows us to track how users navigated the page. We can see how long they stayed on the page, where they clicked, how many users submitted their e-mail addresses, and how many of those users continued on to purchase the product. All of these analytics will help us to make more informed decisions on how to improve the website for when it is prepared to launch for its full-product launch in January. Until then, we will continue analyzing and testing to make the website as successful as we possibly can for profit of the product being sold.

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    After my first week working for Justin and Dreama, I have become even more interested in this internship than I was when I first started!

    To begin the week, we had to do some research on what video player would be best to use out of JW Player, Flow Player, and TubeMogul. We decided to use TubeMogul because you can do a lot of different things with this player. We also had a couple of webinars which are exactly what they sound like, web seminars. They were very cool because myself and two other interns got to communicate with Justin via the internet. We got the ball rolling with some things and even got an introduction into Google Adwords with Justin and his Adword expert friend, Kirt Christensen. We got the run around of conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and website optimizer.

    Overall it was a great first week and I am very excited to learn more about the internship and to move forward into what I’ll be doing throughout the year!

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    We were lucky to get to meet with our interns in person last week and then go out for a nice meal together.

    All of our interns work virtually but Ashley and Lexie are local San Diego State students who we have been very lucky to bring on board this semester to help with our upcoming launch.

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    I just started my part time internship last week work for Justin Lee from internprofit.com. It is a pretty good start and I have two partners from the IST. My job is to run the split test to compare a variety of elements on the website and to generate the results and find the best choices to make. For example, we will be testing different landing pages and to figure out the traffic of each one.

    We had a good start last week. The first thing we did is to find out which player to use. I did some research on the three most popular players used now, which are JM player, Flowplayer, Tubemogul. I inspected the three from the data analysis side. I was looking for whether they integrate with the Amazon cloud front and what are the functions they have from the different analytics. We are trying to find one that is able to tell how hong people watched the video on the website; how many times people pause the video, etc.

    We end up with Tubemogul since it is the most powerful one. It is a good news because I like this one most while looking for information of all three. We will be using three tools to test the website. We will use the visual website optimizer, Google analytics and the Tubemogul.

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    This past week interning for Efficient Enterprises was a huge learning experience for me. With this being a virtual internship, most interns do not get to meet the founders of Intern Profits. Fortunately, I live 15 minutes away from Justin and Dreama and was able to have a meeting at the office with them and a dinner to follow. Not only did I get to learn more about the company and their product, but I was also able to get to know them on a more personal level. It was a great opportunity meeting the both of them.

    After meeting with Dreama and Justin, I made a list of the top assignments that I needed to finish. The university database is my number one priority. I made more phone calls to universities and entered all of my finished ones into the database. Mike, also an intern for Efficient Enterprises, was able to train me online all the way from Pennsylvania via Skype. After learning the ropes with the database, I have currently been training another intern who also attends San Diego State.

    I have also been working on learning how to write press releases by reading past ones Dreama has written and also researching examples online. Along with practicing press releases, I worked on an EIA. I watched a video training session on social SEO and filled out a check list. These video training sessions are very helpful in that they provide step-by-step directions on how to be successful with the program they are teaching. I am also responsible for managing the Intern Profits Twitter account. I have been raising our follower count and leading them to the Intern Profits website.

    Being a part-time nanny, a full-time graduating senior at San Diego State, an intern, and playing two softball games a week has definitely kept me busy. However, I am young and it is the time in my life where I feel like I can accomplish anything and everything.

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