Intern Case Studies

In an attempt to help students, college grads and individuals seeking internships to gain new skills or talents or change careers we are collecting intern case studies.

These case studies include real stories about individuals who have taken an internship.  Some are paid, others are unpaid.  Some virtual, others on site.

We are gathering information in order to provide information and resources to individuals seeking internships to be sure that they get the best internship possible that will be most profitable for them long term.  Whether that means profiting from a new circle of professional contacts, a new job, portfolio, etc.

We will be adding these real life stories as we collect them.  If you know someone who would make a good case study please have them post their story to our Real World Stories page at:

Intern Case Studies



InternshalaInternshala is an online platform meant to help students all over India with their quest for a meaningful summer internships.  Click here to read their internship stories.

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