Victoria Maggio: Corporate Paid Internship Garners Marketing Expertise

Victoria Maggio:  Corporate Paid Internship Garners Marketing Expertise

Victoria Maggio, a former student of Pennsylvania State University, interned with Burlington Coat Factory as a paid intern during the summer of 2011.  Ms. Maggio found her corporate internship through a personal search where she applied online directly with the company after exploring the company’s website.


This internship lasted the duration of the summer before Ms. Maggio’s junior year of college, and she was compensated with an hourly wage while traveling about 45 minutes to work each day.  In Ms. Maggio’s words, the highlight of the internship was “being part of the corporate family.” Ms. Maggio “never got coffee” because the extensive responsibilities involved with the creative end of Burlington Coat Factory’s marketing department kept her just as occupied as the rest of the employees.


Designing posters for a Back to School campaign to be used in 450+ stores, along with creating email blasts delivered to millions of consumers nationwide were just some of Ms. Maggio’s tasks as an intern.  Finishing group projects would sometimes pose as a challenge for Ms. Maggio when working with fellow interns which were less motivated to do the work.  The many other marketing projects such as designing posters and promotional materials for new store openings in Puerto Rico kept the work pace fun and exciting during her internship.


Through this marketing internship at Burlington Coat Factory, Ms. Maggio’s work became published and released to stores via the internet allowing for her to create an online portfolio of her work.  After the internship was completed, Ms. Maggio was offered another opportunity to intern at Burlington Coat Factory again over the winter break as well as the following summer.


When considering your own internship, Ms. Maggio advises to do extensive “research on companies and be prepared to sell yourself during an interview.”  During her internship, Ms. Maggio displayed a strong work ethic which allowed her to be offered additional internships with Burlington Coat Factor.  She has also utilized the skills she garnered at her internship to land an internship with Penn State’s Men’s Ice Hockey team and serve as a campus promotional team member for Victoria’s Secret PINK.


Ms. Maggio is currently a student at Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA.

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