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We Want Your Stories

Have you or someone you know taken an internship?  We want to hear your stories; the good, the bad and the all around impressive.

  • Did you have a great internship that allowed you to go on to great things?
  • Did you have a terrible internship that landed you nowhere?
  • Were you paid, yet made nothing of your internship once it was over?
  • Were you unpaid but learned more than any money could have bought?

We want to hear your stories so we can share them in an upcoming book we are writing.

You don’t need to be a recent intern or in an internship to share your story.  We’d love to hear stories from individuals who completed their internship long before internships were as popular as they are today all the way up to those currently interning.

Here’s what we need.

Simply post in the comments section below answers to the following:

  • Name:
  • City and State where you live:
  • When you interned (Date and during college/after/etc.):
  • Where you interned:
  • Paid/Unpaid (if paid, if you don’t mind sharing with us how much):
  • Virtual/Onsite:
  • How you found your internship:
  • Did you relocate for your internship:
  • What type of tasks/projects did you work on?
  • What happened after your internship?  Did you get a job offer, recommendation, go on to do another internship, etc.?
  • What advice would you give to someone considering taking an internship?  Including:  before beginning the search, during the search process, during the internship and after the internship.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

We would like the opportunity to possibly include your case study and answers to our questionnaire in our book, websites and other possible venues.  By posting to this website you agree to participate in this book research and permission to use your information in the research and the completion of the book.  And for your name and picture to be included in the book and other marketing materials such as a website, etc.  You also understand that the book may be sold and that you are not entitled to receive any compensation from the book sales.

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