Dustin Mathews: Unpaid “Revolutionary” Self-Starter to Best-Selling Author

Dustin Mathews, a former intern and author of the best-selling book, How To Get Rich Working For FREE, did not always own his own company.  In fact, Mr. Mathews took the experience gained from an internship and was able to turn his acquired professional skills into a successful long term investment.

Mr. Mathews was a self-starter, and began in 2004 by taking interest in the website www.foreclosuresdaily.com.  Shortly after, he approached the founder of this website, Dave VanHoose, at a Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meeting and asked him to, “teach me how to buy a house, and I’ll work for you for free.”  To his delight, his inquiry to intern was accepted.

This unpaid internship taken after college would be an enriching experience for Mr. Mathews, as he would progress from living with his parents and having no money, to securing his own income on his own terms.  His initiation as a volunteer intern allowed him to work on-site and online.  Later, the internship would shift into paid work after learning the ropes in assisting sales and seminars for the company.

Upon receiving a paid position, Mr. Mathews followed his opportunities and was relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to continue work.  Working around the mastermind of foreclosuresdaily.com gave him the opportunity to network and meet higher centers of influence.  By working for free, the company was able to allow more positions to be filled with the help of Mr. Mathews.  Thus, the business grew with his internship as a primary influence.

The learning environment provided by this unpaid internship allowed Mr. Mathews to focus on improving his professional skills without his presence at the company being solely based on money or the job.  For him, it was easier to build momentum by meeting people and working directly around his chosen business field.

Losing his laid-back student garb and flip flops, Mr. Mathews would endure the challenges of such an enormous transition by adopting a more suitable business wardrobe.  His assigned tasks relating to marketing, sales and assisting Mr. VanHoose, would allow him to make the change from recent college grad to professional with ease.  His “revolutionary” attitude of college served him well as a self-starter professionally.

Now in the business of securing profits for the company, Mr. Mathews began to build his own professional background accruing “business collateral” which would act as a personal and professional portfolio.  From intern, to sales manager, to the director of marketing, he would find himself climbing up the business management ladder.  Eventually, Mr. Mathews would apply this professional knowledge to develop his own business, and has since become the business partner of Mr. VanHoose, who had originally brought him into the company.

Based on his own method of seeking an internship, Mr. Mathews suggests there is no need for an intern listing in order to gain professional skills you seek.  Often, it is only a matter of requesting to volunteer and investing your hard work to benefit the company to gain a useful internship.  Mr. Mathews explains that by creating an internship for yourself, you will gain the skills needed to succeed on your own by putting yourself in the environment of your chosen work field.

After turning this experience into his own life’s success, Mr. Mathews encourages all persons with a professional goal to seek an internship for the sake of finding what you want and love to do.  Instead of searching for a paid position, Mr. Mathews points out, “you have to think in the long term.”  An internship is an investment which equals professional experience and has the power to sustain a lifetime of professional desires.

By choosing to take the first step and using your own creativity to add value to a business, Mr. Mathews suggests more opportunities for success are sure to reach you in time.  At first, it’s all about getting in the game, and the rest will soon follow.

Mr. Mathews is currently the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for MVP & Associates and the Seven Figure Speaking Empire.

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