Imran Rahman: From Self-Created Unpaid Internships to Entrepreneur

Imran Rahman:  From Self-Created Unpaid Internships to Entrepreneur

Imran Rahman – Case Study Interview

Often the tools to reach your own goals of success and ideal career can be found just by taking initiative and searching for the opportunity even in the most ordinary of places.   Imran Rahman chief technology architect behind the 7 Figure Speaking Empire, is a former intern now well acquainted with the “dream job.” Mr. Rahman started his career through a single phone call, which has since led him to success.  Born and raised in Pakistan, Mr. Rahman first came to the United States in 1997 at the age of 14.   Upon graduating high school, Mr. Rahman decided to expand his interest in technology by studying for the A+ Certification in order to work in the field of computers.

Knowing he should use his interest and passion for technology, Mr. Rahman searched the local computer stores in Los Angeles until coming across Roger’s Systems a real “mom and pop place.”  He phoned them asking to volunteer as an extra hand on staff in exchange for the experience of working in a technology driven environment.  To Mr. Rahman’s delight, Roger’s Systems agreed to this unpaid internship which would amount to what he described as “the turning point” in his career.

Mr. Rahman would come to understand computers inside and out through this self-requested internship, as it allowed him to perform tasks assisting the lead technician such as building, repairing, and installing software while expanding his knowledge in technical support by working directly with customers.  The sort of “reacting” involved with technology and its unpredictability was something Mr. Rahman saw as a challenge keeping him on his toes whenever a client was in need of troubleshooting.  Being that Mr. Rahman’s talent mirrored his passion for all things technology, this small business came to value his hard work until one day it opened another window of opportunity.

In early 2001 only 4 months into the internship, Mr. Rahman was offered a paid position taking the place of the former lead technician he had been working under who had failed to show up for work one day.  Fresh out of high school, Mr. Rahman graciously took the offer where he would now have a $12 hourly wage and his very own desk.

Though he was now being paid and doing what he loved, Mr. Rahman realized there was much more potential to grow from the base point of where he had started.  After a couple of years, Mr. Rahman would resign from this lead technician position in search of an opportunity to move forward and grow beyond his recently enriched professional skills.

At this point, Mr. Rahman would test the waters in several fields after this initial internship by taking paid positions first working as a Network Technician for three years, then assisting in running an insurance company, until he finally moved to Florida to help his family’s retail stores in order to expand his knowledge of how to run a business.  It was then that Mr. Rahman realized he missed technology and began to understand his own “ideal business” which would create wealth and allow him the freedom from “reacting.”

When Mr. Rahman had made the discovery of what suited him the most, he registered a new company LLC in the state of Florida consequentially unlocking the puzzle pieces which would fall gradually into place.  Mr. Rahman soon found the source of his next interning endeavor in a postcard.  This invitation was to a seminar designed by entrepreneur Dustin Mathews to help new business owners receive funding titled “How to Get Rich Working for Free.”  After the three-step campaign met his mailbox twice more, Mr. Rahman decided to do his research.

It was as Mr. Rahman described a “lightbulb moment” when he realized meeting aspiring entrepreneur Dustin Mathews at that moment in time was an opportunity for learning, and he reacted by sending Mathews an email.

In his email Mr. Rahman requested to intern for Mathews for free, and agreed to assist him in any tasks he knew how to complete.  After meeting in person, Mathews was open to this idea and kindly agreed.  Starting in 2007, Mr. Rahman would add his expertise to this small entrepreneur business by working for 6 months, utilizing his available time by balancing work and interning in the evenings and on the weekends.

After working paid jobs for six years, Mr. Rahman realized he needed assistance transitioning into a new industry.  By choosing to help another in his own ideal business sphere, Mr. Rahman was able to add value back to this entrepreneurial business while also getting set up in the industry.

Mr. Rahman knew he had revealed his dream business and seized the opportunity where he would now become acquainted with networking in his chosen career field.  Working around the talented Dustin Mathews, an upbeat and optimistic entrepreneur was a true learning experience.  Though at the time Mathew’s was just launching his career, Mr. Rahman’s numerous tasks in web designing, copywriting, and internet marketing helped him reach new heights in his own business endeavors.

Mr. Rahman is currently the Chief Technology Officer at

Upon completion of the internship, Dustin Mathews was thankful for having worked with someone driven such as Mr. Rahman.  It would be four months of product launches before Dustin Mathews would pick up the phone and call Mr. Rahman offering him a paid position.

Beginning in 2008 and until 2010, Mr. Rahman would begin to take on the various responsibilities of supervising this business with the help of Mathews.    These two entrepreneur professionals have since transitioned into business partners both valuing the other’s expertise.  Working as partners they have created a series of distinguished projects such as the Internet Movement, a window into internet marketing and The Automated Webinar Cash Machine to help business owners expand clientele and profits.

Mr. Rahman had reached his ideal career of full-time internet marketing, initiated all through sending a single email of inquiry.   Having gained the skills to succeed through his second self-requested internship, Mr. Rahman began living his imagined “dream scenario.”

Throughout his internship experience, Mr. Rahman realized the most valuable experience to be sought by an individual wanting to break into a professional sphere is to put yourself out there in the environment of that particular business by helping out in any way you are able.  The more hours you give the more experience you receive, and this experience will be your greatest asset in achieving a professional ambition.  For Mr. Rahman, the opportunity for entrepreneurial success through his ideal business of internet marketing began with a single call to Roger’s Systems, and the rest is history.

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