Maria Nekrassova Unpaid Internship Case Study

Between her Master’s degree and just starting her PhD program Maria Nekrassova began an internship with Interacting S.L. English Educational Theatre. This being an on-site unpaid internship, what drew Maria to this specific opportunity was the fact that this internship was detailed to her career goals and was engaging to her wants and needs at the time. While anybody can agree the most un-pleasurable part of this internship was not being paid, Maria Nekrassova knew that this internship came to her at the right time in her life to further her career opportunities.

Responsibilities that Maria faced with her internship were assisting in teacher training and shows, using her photography skills, coping materials, and bringing textbooks. She took the initiative to suggest developing projects in Russia where she is originally from, and like most interns soon realize after taking initiative with something, her hard work paid off. Three weeks later Maria’s main assignment was emerging business plans, finding connections in Moscow, and organizing a theatre tour in Moscow, Russia.

Though a portfolio was not needed for her position, Maria had a possibility for a recommendation letter from her internship which is always a benefiting factor for unpaid internships. After her position was over, Maria Nekrassova was offered a job with Interacting S.L. English Educational Theatre, and gladly accepted the offer. It took her two months to re-arrange the schedule of her PhD, and a year for the enterprise to get her a work permit. Maria Nekrassova is a wonderful example of how you can benefit with an unpaid internship if you acquire the right techniques and dedication.

When asked what advice you would give someone before beginning the search for an internship, Maria stated that one should start searching on the internet and sit down and evaluate why you want an internship and what industries are you interested in. Think about how an internship can benefit your career, whether it’s a way to spend to summer, to gain experience or to just have fun, figure out your priorities. During the search process Maria suggests that you choose 2 to 3 different industries and prepare different cover letters. Aim high and if you have different options try finding contacts already in the industry to converse with. For time spent during the actual internship Nekrassova suggests great tips to be the unsurpassed intern you know you can be; do your best, take initiative, learn as much as you can, and last but not least, remember that you are an intern and are there to learn. Observe all you can to soak in every bit of information you possibly can.  After the internship is done, ask for a recommendation right away. Also get all the contacts from the internship you can that may help you for your career in the future. If you feel that your internship was the best possible experience for you, try discussing a job possibility to your boss, though this may take time to process it never hurts to suggest a permanent position.

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